The Goulburn Club was established in February 1877 and about 1883 moved to the present building located in Market St Goulburn.  The first building on the site was erected well before 1877 and the existing archway which adjoins the Club was constructed in 1847.

The Club was the original “establishment” or “gentleman’s club” in this area and has survived during changing times.  Membership was originally “by invitation” and very exclusive.  Today the Club operates as a valuable community resource and a hub for music performances and exhibitions of fine art.

A four-page booklet ‘History of the Goulburn Club’ was written in 1945 by Stuart H. Belcher, for distribution to members. It outlines the history of the Goulburn Club from its inception in 1877 up to 1939. The Belcher family had a long and close association with the Club, with Samuel H. Belcher being the foundation Secretary and then President for many years.

The booklet and a transcription are available for downloading:

GC History Belcher
GC History Belcher transcript


A recent update of the history of the Goulburn Club and it’s place in the history of Goulburn has been written and published in 2017 by Rhys Howitt, a Board member from 2009 and Club President from 2012-2014, and Anna McCormack Club Secretary 2008 – 2017, to celebrate the Club’s 140th anniversary.

A limited number of copies of the booklet are available for purchase from the Club.

‘The Goulburn Club On Market Street – A Short History’ can be downloaded in pdf format below:

The Goulburn Club on Market Street  A short history.